About Us

We are a group of IT professionals with more than 8 years of experience in enterprise software designing, development, requirement analysis and sales and marketing of the same. We have worked towards understanding business processes, finding bottlenecks and come up with business solutions that can be given shape of a software application. We have worked in the area of customized business applications development for global IT/Telecom enterprises and banks.

What we do

We are into customized business application development that can be locally installed or can be accessed via web. We also develop android based mobile applications and portal designing.

Our key area is to understand your requirement and find our ways to meet these business requirement in a simple, efficient and cost-effective way.

How we DO

We Strongly believe in simplicity, flexibility and enhancement in everything we do. We therefore design our software keeping in mind not only your current need but also your future requirements. We understand that every organization/company has its own way of looking into things, therefore our approach towards resolving your business problems and develop a software is inspired by your way of doing business. This helps us in coming up with design and functionalities that suites your people, business and environment.

Our belief

We strongly believe in our tagline which is “keep it simple. Be true.” We sincerely abide by the famous statement by Albert Einstein “ If you can’t explain it simply, You don’t understand it well enough”. Guided by this philosophy we work hard to provide you with business solutions simple enough to understand and execute.