Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Have you ever wondered that why your business is not growing despite using the internet as the basic communication mode? And on the contrary your competitor is able to make the most of it.

Well, the reason could be that your competitor is using effective SEO strategy. Now, in case you are willing to hire an SEO consultant, your initial step would be to research about the various SEO agencies available on the internet. It is a fact that whenever we search on any search engine, we get many search results and we tend to limit ourselves to just 4-5 pages.

In such a situation it becomes essential to hire an efficient Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)/Google Optimisation/search engine promotion consultant. Mantech International being the renowned SEO agency offers Google Optimisation services at a reasonable price. Having served varied clients with small, medium and large sized business in India and abroad, our SEO Marketing /search engine promotion process is easy and capable enough to list your website on major Search Engines including Yahoo search Marketing, MSN search Marketing and Google Optimisation.

Some of the basic steps that need to be followed in the entire process of the search engine promotion and optimisation are:-
Getting the right keyword

We would sit with your team and discuss to arrive at the best key phrase or the key words keeping your target audience in mind.

Analysing the competitor’s work

To stay in the fore-front, it’s important to understand and analyse the works of all your competitors which involves studying competitor’s back links, rankings, Meta Tag Analysis etc.

Content analysis and Website analysis
As a professional SEO agency we adhere to the task of comprehensively analysing your website, to check the key words density, checking the usability and adaptability to the major search engines that supports the search engine promotion. We also conduct the Content Duplicity Test to ensure that there is no duplication of the content to take off the smooth SEO process and the search engine promotion. Also, we verify that your website is SEF (Search Engine Friendly). For instance- the SEO and SEF for a Joomla based site would vary from that of a static site.

Code Optimisation of the web page
Your website would be code optimised as per the 250 parameters identified by our experts so that your website ranks much higher on all major search engines. As we know SEO for Joomla based site is different from SEO for a static site, thus we have a different approach for different sites with a different platform.

Submission of the Ongoing Directory
The next step is to submit and register your website with directories such as Yahoo, MSN etc. which helps in easy recovery of data by the search engines. Choosing of suitable categories for directory submissions is necessary.

Stressing on the Ongoing Link Building Process
The more back links your website has, the better will be your Google Page Rank. To enhance the user traffic to your website, we ensure that a proper link exchange program is carried out.

At ManTech, we do a number of activities to ensure that your website is ranked amongst the world’s top search engines. This list includes only some of the things that we do. Contact us to get the best consultancy that can boost your returns.